Dung & Stardust | by Katie Losey

Dung beetles navigate by the Milky Way, elephants send messages and plant trees with their feet, humans are made of stardust—we’re part of a mesmerizing world! Even so, its delicate rhythm and fascinating stories are a largely unknown world to many of us. We want to help change that.

The heartbeat of this project connects us to something bigger than ourselves and features possibly the ultimate creature to help tell that story: the elephant. A particularly appropriate focus, as our planet's equilibrium rests on some species more than others, and the elephant is one of them. 

We depict the raw force of nature and the power of the seemingly insignificant creatures that live in it. We illustrate the daily life of an elephant and how they experience compassion, grief, anger, joy—emotions that are ingrained in the daily rhythm of their lives, and ours. We illuminate how infinite lands and the iconic creatures that live in them are just the opposite: they are fragile and finite. 

Humans are at once the elephant's predator and only possible champion. This project helps to create more individuals who are compelled to preserve what we have left, and has garnered the attention and participation of renowned scientists, leading conservationists, recognized artists and poets, and perhaps the most important group, children, the world’s future change makers.

This map won't save our elephants, but it will help. Here’s to a unique insight into an elephant's world, our interconnectedness, new ways of creating hope and getting restless about protecting what we love.

Katie Losey